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A To Z Carpoint is an experienced Japanese car importer, sourcing and importing high quality MPV cars with over 10 years of experience and knowledge in hand, we pride ourselves in being one of the best import specialists within the Midlands by providing high calibre Japanese import cars. If you are looking to import a car from Japan, we can guide you via our extensive dealer network and access to the full range of Japanese auction houses. All of our vehicles meet our high standards of quality and undergo a thorough inspection process to ensure they’re in top condition and ready for the road. Our team of automotive experts do our very best to ensure you drive home from our dealership in a MPV that best suits your needs and budget. We can also provide a part exchange on a vehicle you already own!

Every vehicle we sell from our showroom is mechanically inspected before being presented for sale, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality car. Feel free to visit at our showroom for any kind of extra assistance you may require.


Each vehicle sold by us comes with warranted mileage and if customers would like a BIMTA certificate of mileage verification then we can arrange that. Vehicles will also come with warranty to cover both the engine and the gearbox. If there are any issues or repairs needed on a bought vehicle then they are to be brought back to us and we will sort it out at at our garage with our mechanic.

We are AA approved Dealer.

Warrantywise Covered Available


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Deep understating and Competence in term of Japanese skill and experience in widely recognised perspective 

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In the era of social media and messaging apps we offer 24/7 communication regardless of where they are located.Virtually we are available all the time

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Our experts having a superb and proficient knowledge about vehicles.We proudly offer our expertise cost less.

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Every customers wants to purchase a best vehicle in minimum budget.A to Z car point offers desirable deals.

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A To Z Car Point is one of the trusted name Japanese cars importer in UK.

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Decent and energetic staffs are always ready for 24/7/365 Customer Support via Live Chat, phones, and emails.